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Flossing isn’t something that should be left until your twice-a-year dental cleaning. Often, patients with braces do not floss around their braces due to difficulty maneuvering and the time it would take to properly do so. After all, when you’re getting your teeth cleaned by a licensed professional who is working in ideal conditions with better vision, positioning, two hands and top-of-the-line instruments it is much easier.

The “HARP” flosser that JLC Dental Products has developed allows for more efficient and accessible flossing. The average patient should be able to use this product to floss their teeth effectively in one to two minutes.
Brushing your teeth only accounts for 60% of your smile. The Harp Orthodontic Flosser can help you to reach the other 40%, making you less prone to decaying and dental issues.

The “HARP” Flosser is ergonomically designed to be able to reach all teeth (both front and back), all the while reaching under braces with ease. Although it is designed as a disposable item, the “HARP” Flosser can be used multiple times by the same individual and is sold in packs of four vibrant colors. Using the”HARP” Flosser is significantly easier than traditional “threading” methods used to bypass braces. The “HARP” flosser is not only new, but a true breakthrough device that will allow and encourage patients of all ages to floss.

The “HARP” Flosser is ideal for anyone with braces and/or industry professionals looking to save time. This product can cut flossing time in more than half – reducing the time needed from around five minutes to approximately one to two minutes.

The Harp dental floss is made of a nylon called “Dyneema”, which is a braided product. It has less stretch and is more abrasion resistant than normal nylon.It has been used medically for forty years in prostheses and sutures.

Any floss will break especially through tight contacts, but Dyneema is stronger than any other type of floss. Eventually the floss will break with repeated use.

Yes, the “HARP” Flosser should be cleaned with water but the floss is nylon, similar to the material that makes up your toothbrush. You don’t have to change your toothbrush after every usage. Average use is one week.

For optimum results, you should floss before you brush. Floss at least once a day, but the ideal amount would be each time you brush and especially after meals. If your gums are inflamed, a morning flossing should be added.

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