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The Harp Ortho Flosser

Reusable Flossing Tool

The “HARP” Flosser is a unique invention that allows flossing to be accomplished while actually wearing braces. Flossing is hard enough to do without braces and when considering the age of the normal orthodontic patient is twelve to fourteen years old, this can mean the difference between flossing and not flossing.

In the dental office, it takes a hygienist an average of four and a half minutes to floss an orthodontic patient the traditional way. With the “HARP” Flosser the time is cut significantly. The patient can floss the upper, lower, front and back teeth with one hand in a matter of seconds with the twist of their wrist.

The importance of flossing can never be understated. Normal brushing only cleans sixty percent of the teeth and they are the ones least prone to decay. The forty percent of the teeth, which can’t be brushed, include the most prone areas of decay. An orthodontic patient is not only at a higher risk for decay but also at greater risk of gingival hyperplasia.

Gingival Hyperplasia is the increase in the normal size and contour of the gingival (gum) tissue. This is troublesome because decay can occur beneath the swollen gums and it slows the movement of the teeth in orthodontics. The occurrence of gingival hyperplasia usually begins in the areas between the teeth where flossing is necessary to clean the surfaces of the teeth.

Once the hyperplasia is present it is difficult to reduce and the treatment of choice is to either remove the orthodontics or the orthodontist will speed or rush treatment to remove the braces as quickly as possible. Gingival hyperplasia can lead to enamal decalcification of the teeth and eventually decay.

Enamel Decalcification


Therefore, the “HARP” Flosser is not only new, but a breakthrough flossing device. It will not only improve the health of the patient but also improve the overall orthodontic experience.

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