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Don’t let a busy life and poor diet ruin your teeth. The “HARP” Orthodontic Flosser can help keep your braces clean and teeth healthy.

JLC Dental Products is a progressive dental and orthodontic-centered company serving patients and doctors throughout the Unites States. Our product the”HARP” Ortho Flosser, allows patients with braces to give their teeth an adequate flossing in a quick, painless and manageable way.

The “HARP” Ortho Flosser by JLC Dental Products is a revolutionary orthodontic flossing tool that allows orthodontists to offer their patients an easy, hassle-free way to a clean and sparkly smile. Our uniquely original invention allows patients to maneuver around braces and ensure optimal teeth and gum health

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the dental and orthodontic industry. Our passion is giving patients the opportunity to have a clean, lifelong beautiful smile. Our products work to reduce cleaning time, encourage healthy habits and ultimately prevent dental problems such as gingival hyperplasia, and enamel decalcification.

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Whether you are interested in cutting down cleaning time in your orthodontic office or at home, we can help. Contact our

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