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Nylon Floss

resistant to breaking

& shredding



Each flosser lasts
one week on average.

Kids love them

& they come in

4 VIBRANT colors

How It Works

    • Place the arm of The HARP
      between the arch wire and the tooth
    • Roll fhe floss back through
      the contact between the teeth


The Harp Ortho Flosser reduces flossing time by more than half and is much easier to use than any other flosser on the market!


Less Than $1 Per Week

One Pack Of 4 HARPs

Lasts A Month!

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The “HARP” is a NEW Revolutionary, Reusable Flossing Tool for patients who have braces. The “HARP” Flosser is a unique invention that allows flossing to be accomplished while actually wearing braces.

Flossing is hard enough to do without braces and when considering the age of the normal orthodontic patient is twelve to fourteen years old, this can mean the difference between flossing and not flossing.

Words From Our Happy Patients